Brian Charles Tischleder's music is Americana folk rock’n roll in the tradition Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen.  He has been writing, performing and recording his original songs for all of his adult life. In the last twenty years, he has toured extensively in the Midwestern United States while developing a large international fan base. He has played to sold-out crowds at Minneapolis/ St. Paul venues such as First Avenue, Fine Line Music Cafe and O'Garas. 

  He has recorded a solo album "Bordertown," and is currently preparing to release a  compilation EP entitled “Last Train to Hollywood.” 

  The former lead singer of James Curry, a Minneapolis-based folk-rock duo, Brian Charles Tischleder's songwriting and live performances helped the duo achieve success from Minneapolis to Europe with an international following of serious James Curry fans. 


Previous praise for Brian Charles Tischleder’ music stated, “An unmistakable modern sound that comes from ancient sources: folk music from the mountains, ballads from before the war,” by Freddy Celis, Roots Time. 



I'm proud of having shared a couple stages with James Curry (Brian Tischleder - vocals, guitar and Casey Fearing on-lead guitar, vocals). They made truly for real music, resurrecting with amazing authenticity, the old Dust Bowl school. It was raw, acoustic fare with Tischleder's searing, soulful voice sustaining the legacy of seminal legends like Woodie Guthrie and Ramblin' Jack Elliot. Their albums Brand New Suit and 13 were splendid recordings. 

Fans who dug Tischleder's singing and songwriting should hold on to Brand New Suit and 13. Because they'll not see more of the same on his solo debut, Dreams & Fear (EP). He has switched up. There's still the craggy, sandpaper edge his vocals had, however, there some polish on it. Brian Charles Tischleder reminds me less these days of Woodie Guthrie and more of Bruce Springsteen. 


One thing that hasn't changed at all is his passion. The man's serious as hell about what it's in his heart and on his mind. By the time he's done expressing himself you will be, too. The music is a fine blend of electrified folk, gospel and rock (hell of a combination). The lyrics are beautifully weird poetry, sort of what you'd expect from Tom Waits. Who Tischleder (closest he comes to recreating James Curry) sounds a bit like on "Fear," fairly groaning, 

"Fear will cut you down to dust 

A Cadillac just before it begins to rust 

It doesn’t matter what you believe or who you trust 

Fear will cut you down to dust." 

"It's Just A Dream" is by far the cut Tischleder would do well to push at radio stations. Ear friendly without getting slick. The backup band kicks in quite nicely, fueling the kind of rocking, rolling cut you want to play again. And again. 

The whole thing really grabs you with its anthemic refrain, 

"So tell it to the fire 

Tell it to the wind 

Tell it to the rain 

It knows where we’ve been 

It’s just a dream." 

On top of which there's a killer bridge, Tischleder waxing dramatic, the band having his back every step of the way. The lineup includes area luminaries Walter Chancellor Jr. (sax), Peter Schimke (piano, organ). 

© 2013 Dwight Hobbes