Momma Told Me So

Momma Told Me So

Ten new songs,  album is set for summer of 2019 release


New album coming , Momma Told Me So

1.  Momma Told Me So

2.  Cold Night Air

3.  Memphis

4.  I Found You

5.  Dog on a Chain

6.  In Your City

7.  South Dakota

8.  Walking on a Wire

9,  Carnival Song

10. Lost Highway


"Last Train to Hollywood"  

"marks a brilliantly innovative
transition for this fascinating artist"

Dwight Hobbes - Mpls/St.Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Brian Charles Tischleder's  Last Train to Hollywood- brief, rugged, acoustic ep on the timeless struggles of the working man
Bonnie Gollhoffer Music Director

                                                      “BC TISCHLEDER...a really good vocalist who puts such an intensity in his rendition...Last Train to Hollywood
, a real strong EP...I love tracks 1,2,3,...a captivating music that takes you ..a travel through emotions..”
- Mike Penard, Mike Penard ISA Radio France (Mar 15, 2017)

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