Momma Told Me So

Momma Told Me So

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1.  Momma Told Me So

2.  Cold Night Air

3.  Memphis

4.  I Found You

5.  Dog on a Chain

6.  In Your City

7.  South Dakota

8.  Walking on a Wire

9,  Carnival Song

10. Lost Highway


 A few thoughts about my latest project, Momma told me So.  I believe there is an anger in the street, a toxic brew of fear and hate that is eating away at the best of our institutions and the best of ourselves.  Fear is a funny thing, it can turn to hate with flick of a switch and that switch is one that doesn't turn off easily.                                                                                                      A few years back I remember listening to Dylan's classic song Only a Pawn in Their Game, Dylan used the metaphor of a dog on a chain to describe his 1960 America.   Rattled by the drums of our current leaders, those ghosts of the 60's came running back with a vengeance.  

There is a sadness that comes with realizing the country you thought you knew was not the country you now  know.  Like the betrayal of a best friend, it hurts.  But knowing your  hurt is the first step of healing, and this country will heal, my Momma told me So.      

Best, Brian   

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