“BC TISCHLEDER...a really good vocalist who puts such an intensity in his rendition...Last Train to Hollywood, a real strong EP...I love tracks 1,2,3,...a captivating music that takes you ..a travel through emotions..” Mike Penard - Mike Penard ISA Radio France”
“KBUT FM Brian Charles Tischleder's Last Train to Hollywood- brief, rugged, acoustic ep on the timeless struggles of the working man Bonnie Gollhoffer Music Director” Bonnie Gollhoffer - KBUT FM ”
“Singer-songsmith Brian Tischleder*, half of authentic, bare bones acoustic duo James Curry with guitarist Casey Fearing, has a marvelous solo debut, Dream and Fear. Tischleder transfixes, passion, poetry and a powerful voice, rich in phrasing, reaching you where you live. Intoning such stark lyrics as “So tell it to the fire/Tell it to the wind/Tell it to the rain/ It knows where we’ve been/It’s just a dream“. Dream and Fear bears more than a passing resemblance to Bruce Springsteen. And to Woody Guthrie. With a distinctly original voice. No hat trick. Suffice to say, Brian Tischleder, whether he rejoins James Curry, goes solo or does both, has staked ground on his own.””

Twin City Daily Planet

“Brian Charles Tischleder’s website describes his music as “Americana folk rock’n roll in the tradition Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen.” Pretty tall talk but the shoe happens to fit,””

Dwight Hobbes

“Brian Charles, of James Curry renown, has released Border Town, his solo debut. Damned good stuff. Sounds like the whole thing may’ve been done in one take. That’s the raw quality of its authentic grit. There’s no polish. Just stark vocals backed by sparse, acoustic guitar: Dust Bowl folk music dyed in the proverbial wool.””

Dwight Hobbes

An unmistakable modern sound that comes from ancient sources: folk music from the mountains, ballads from before the war,” by Freddy Celis, Roots Time”